This black pug is a nice guy, whose name is Leo. Despite the fact that he is a quiet pug, he’s a great partner to play with. Why? Leo’s tongue also protrudes outwards, and it has a crinkle noise that dogs will want to continually chew on it. His eyes are green and yellow, which resembles the theme colors of ENVVY brand. He also has unusual hair placement like his best friend, Fabio. Yes, Leo is Fabio’s best friend, but has an opposite personality of Fabio. Leo lacks of confidence & low self-esteem is what makes him different from his best friend. He has no clue that Isabella actually likes him better than Fabio.


  • Made of polyester fiber
  • Squeaker dog toys


Item # Model Size
29701 Leo Large 15"
29711 Leo Medium 12"
29721 Leo Small 9"