This cute grey dog is Fabio and he is inspired by a Shih Tzu mix with a Bull Terrier. What’s unique about Fabio? Well, his tongue is one of many distinct physical attributes about him because his tongue protrudes outward. Your dog would especially love chewing on his tongue because it has a crinkle noise for that attraction! Another feature is that his eyes are green and yellow, which resembles the theme colors of the ENVVY brand. He also has outrageous hair placement, which makes him even more unique. Fabio is featured as the star of the line because he sees himself as a hot-shot dog with a burst of overconfidence. Whomever Fabio has his eyes set on, be careful not to fall into his charming trap… especially Isabella, whom he is pursuing passionately.


  • Made of polyester fiber
  • Squeaker dog toys


Item # Model Size
29671 Fabio Large 15"
29681 Fabio Medium 12"
29691 Fabio Small 9"